Having gained twenty years of experience in the finite element analysis field in all industry, we are able to offer Static, Modal, local and global instability analysis, Non linear, Multi-body with contact analysis as well as the optimization of weights and geometries.





We are able to provide finished products starting from the design, construction and installation if required. Furthermore, we are able to carry out the prototyping of small elements with our 3D Printer.


Reverse engineering

Through pulsed light and laser scanners we can acquire geometries starting from a few cm up to over 70 m. You can optain the geometry scanning the object in order to re-elaborate it according to the customer’s needs.


FE Analysis

Throught the MSC Software suite tools such as Patran, Nastran and Apex we are able to carry out FE Analysis dynamic, linear, not linear and Modal Analysis and also to carry out fluid dynamics analyzes using an Openfoarm tool.

“It always seems impossible until it’s realized“
Nelson Mandela

Innovative Structural Design is a structural engineering office specialized in projects and consultancy developments coming from Stefano Pelizza’s and Francesco Breccia’s idea.

They are mechanical engineers with proven experience in structural design using traditional and advanced composite materials.

Innovative Structural Design provides its customers with complete projects carried out with preparation, organizational skills and working adeguated tools. Our aim is to provide completed projects with the maximum attention in each detail, to any certification authority requested and to the construction method used by the customer.

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