New Design

Boat design at 360°, we optimize the technological construction process according to the performance required.

Innovative Structural Design is able to manage at 360 ° the design of every type of yacht, from sailing superyachts, racer and cruiser, to motor yachts and pleasure yachts in any type of construction technology

We used every production method:

Production with Prepreg Material

Under Vacuum Lamination

Manual Lamination

Infusion Process

ISD is able to guide your choise for the best matches between the best material and the desired product.

Besides given great attention to the project, we also give great attention to the management of:

Product weight

Production’s cost

Performance required

Boat Design

ISD helps you in every planning field

Innovative Structural Design has a global knowledge of boat design not only limited to the structural aspect. Our methodology assures time savings in the construction phase , solves the number of errors and problems pratically reduced to zero during the production phase in the shipyard. During the boats design process, we deal with:


Integrated Design

The use of advanced parametric software allows us to completely model the whole yacht. Doors, drains, inserts, everything is designed from the same mathematical model, eliminating any possible error, moreover the 3D geometries are directly sent to the numerical control cutter for the mold production and its inserts.


Development of 3d solid geometries

Through the use of Solidworks solid modelling software in a multi-user environment, ISD is able to tackle the design of large boats. Sharing its file archive with the Shipyard, the design can develope in parallel with the construction and the problems due to the interference of the various parts are minimized.


Construction Plan

We carry out construction plans and calculation reports to be delivered to the naval registers. We work with the most common Italian and foreign certification bodies, such as RiNa, Germanische Lloyd, BV. Our projects combined with the calculation reports have always passed brilliantly without having to make changes in the register’s certifications, this guarantees to preceed the works without setback.


Appendices’ Design and improvement

Over the years, ISD has specialized in the high-performance appendages design, rudders with carbon shaft and blade, milled keel at numerical control, high-stretch fins. Fins’ templates and rudders with profiles studied with panel software and CFD. 


Movement and lifting design

ISD has high experience in kinematic systems:

– Custom, standard and pantograph hinges, necessary for handling complex objects such as doors and hatches.

– Retractable anchor systems, both from the bottom of the boat and with swinging arm.


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