Wally Bullitt 93

Hitech Super Yacht

The wally 93 Bullitt is built using pre-impregnated carbon, with high and medium modulus. The core is corecell M for slamming zones and Kevlar honeycomb in all other areas. Cooked at 90 ° degrees temperature, it is a super high-tech yacht having only 34 tons  displacement, about 40% of equal size boats. ISD has developed a complete 3D model for this yacht and worked with the Shipyard following its structural specification management. It also has developed all the special details, such as custom hinges, custom doors, and has performed the lamination planes of the non-structural parts.

The new Wally 93 Bullitt is a cruiser-racer featuring the latest generation hull lines like those of the wallycento super yachts and the Maxi72 pure racers, to offer the ultimate experience in high performance sailing.

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