Southern Wind SW96

Southern Wind SW96
“simplicity is the essence of good design”

The Southern Wind 96 is constructed with epoxy resin infusion and carbon fibers and with corecell M type for the core. ISD designed the structural plan, the finite element model and all the drawing boards construction for the bulkheads, bulwarks and all structural elements in general. ISD worked alongside with the Southern Wind’s Shipyard for structural choices.

SW96 is one of the latest additions to the SWS family. This yacht’s sleek hull lines designed by Farr Yacht Design and general concept drawn by Nauta Design express the company motto: “simplicity is the essence of good design”.

Now, it’s under construction a new SW96#4 yacht, quite different than others for her propultion: she is the first electric-hybrid sailboat in the Southern Wind fleet for which ISD has re-design the structural plan.

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