Solaris 80RS

Sailing Yacht built in glass and carbon sprint and corecell core to navigate without limits

ISD created the Solaris 80RS’s 3D structural model, projected the structural engineering creating the plan of the structures and the finite element verification. Collaborated with the Solaris technical office, ISD projected the deck plan and the choice and measures of the components, the installation of the magic trims for sail control and all deck equipment. ISD also designed the bowsprit with the integrated anchor system, the hauling system of the tender with an electric crane included in the lazarette, the aft hatch handling system and wheelhouse system.

The Solaris 80 RS is built in Sprint of glass and carbon and corecell core. It’s built Vacuum-packed and cooked at 90 degrees in order to obtain excellent stiffness and durability characteristics and still containing production costs.

“A Yacth born to sail without limits”

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