Industrial design

ISD is not just nautical, it has carried out important projects in the field of industrial design.

Throughout our experience we dealt with aeronautics, civil structures and industrial components. Our knowledge of parametric 3D design tools, of finite element analysis and CFD allows us to excel in the design of industrial components. We have faced and successfully resolved the problems of use of composite materials in industrial applications, verification of components subject to unexplained breaks, analysis of the vibration in industrial machinery.

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Alis: Multifunctional structure

Alis is an innovative and unique pod designed to improve the team’s collaboration. For this multifunctional structure built in fiberglass with flame retardant resins, ISD developed the 3D project, the structural plans, the FE Analysis and also designed the modular molds to optimize and make prodution easier.


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Complete 3D CAD project development, structural plan and finite element analysis for this design turbine built in epoxy resin-impregnated carbon fiber.


Hatch Mechanism

Has been developed for a shopping mall in Dubai, several hundreds of this system have been produced. ISD developed the opening mechanism, did the kinematic analysis, structural verification and sizing report, as well as obviously the construction drawings of the whole system.



The dome is built in fiberglass, it has been achieved in Italy and assembled in the United Arab. ISD has developed the structural design and has used the finite element analysis for verification.


Candlestick Tension

Developed for a megayacht, it allows to reduce the rig’s strenght so that they can easily be disassembled to allow the passage of people. Built in stainless steel


Openable composite ladder

ISD has designed this composite ladder installed in a tight space, thanks to its low weight


Aircraft seat

ISD collaborated on the creation of an airlines seats

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