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We are a structural engineering office specialized in projects and consultancy developments

ISD was founded in 2013 by Stefano Pelizza and Francesco Breccia, both mechanical engineers with proven experience in the structural design field using traditional materials, as steel and aluminum, and advanced composite materials, as glass and carbon fiber. Our team provides its customers complete projects carried out with preparation, organizational capacity and working adequated tools.

team Innovative Structural Design


ISD pays particular attention to the search for solutions to obtain the best performance by combining project specifications with suitable materials and cutting-edge production processes, always keeping weights and design under control.

3D Modelling

We create 3D models for almost every type of request, from finite element analysis, to the definition of spaces for the creation of systems and furnishings, refurbishment and improvement of fittings and products through 3D laser scanning.

Problem solving

Problem Solving is an everyday job, we search the structured method to deal with. We operate ensuring compliance with the agreed costs, times and quality for customer satisfaction.

The projects are carried out with forefront analysis programs, such as FEA and CFD programs and solid modeling software in a multi-user environment. Furthermore, Innovative Structural Design provides comprehensive projects with maximum attention to details. Also provides any kind of authority certification required and the construction method used by the customer.

Innovative Structural Design has an external team to support addicional work required and offers an efficient and dynamic team to meet any customer’s needs.

Stefano Pelizza

  CEO | Co-Founder of ISD | Mechanical Eng.

Has always been a passionated sailor! He worked in the Shosholoza Mast construction (American’s cup 2007). He founded an associated engineering firm and worked for two months as a subcontractor for Grob-Aircraft in Germany to the executive jet SPn. In 2008, he chooses to open a new chapter in his life accepting to become Project Manager of regatta / cruise sailing boats for Wally Europe srl.

Francesco Breccia

  Co- Founder of ISD | Mechanical Eng.

Mechanical engineer with a master’s degree in “yacht design” at the Polytechnic of Milan, he stands out in the Ferretti Group as a structural engineer in their motorboats and shuttles using Finite Element Programs (FEA). In 2007 Francesco joined Wally Europe where he deals with structural design and the study of movements. In the six years with Wally he was involved particularly with the structural design of numerous boats: Wally 148, Wally 143, Wally 130, Wally 164, Wallycento MC3.

Ing. Francesco Breccia
Ing. Michele Rossini
Michele Rossini

NAUTICAL ENG. | 3D Developer

ISD collaborator since 2014, motivated by a strong passion for sailing, he worked from 2007 to 2013 at Wally Europe. In 2015 he graduated in nautical engineering from the University of Genoa. Michele deals with 3D CAD modeling, kinematics, as well as executive tables.

Marco Baiocco

  construction eng. | structural analyst

A structural engineer specialized graduated at the University of Turin. Ing Baiocco has been collaborating with ISD since 2015 and he covers the role of senior engineer, dealing with projects independently, from project design to final check.

Ing Marco Baiocco
Ing. Giovanni Capotorto

Giovanni Capotorto

 mechanical ENG. | 3D Developer

Klaus Niederhageböck Burmeister

  mechanical designer | 3D Developer

Klaus Niederhageböck Burmeister
Federica Ciucci

Federica Ciucci

material ENG. | scanning 3d technician

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