We offer a vast range of services to modify yachts

Thanks to scanners 3D, we are able to acquire any geometry in order to build parts perfectly suited to the existing. If required, we are able to manufacture and install the designed components.
We performed:
Boat repairing , both sail and motor boats, that have dealt with an impact with the rocks
Design new keels, due to impact or client-requested changes
Design bowsprits, cranes, booms, masts, rudders
Design hatch flush custom deck bridges with strong camber
Hydraulic or manual door designs
Composite Hard top, Masts carrying antennas
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New keel for Farr – Nauta 65

This Farr 65 had to strengthen the keel structures and rebuild a new keel. ISD was able to draw a new keel that perfectly adapts to the hull with the help of 3D scanning and reverse engineering.


Lift Mast

ISD has designed this lifting mast composite for a shuttle that oftenly needs to haul the dinghy, which allows it to be shut down in case of passage under the bridges.


Bowsprit and dolphin strikers

ISD bowsprits designed for the 40 to 100 foot boats. Both fixed and removable, with and without bobstay and systems for lowering the anchor.


Developing new flush hatch for Swan 65 ketch

This Swan 65 Ketch has performed a complete refitting of the deck that has led to a number of simplifications to make it more usable (designing a new hatch and a new flush deck hatch and a myriad of small changes that makes the boat extremely up to date).


Shirlaf – Swan 65

Numerous refits have been carried out on the beautiful Swan 65 Shirlaf: from construction of a new deck to a new sheerline without aluminum gunwale, from the retractable bow hatch to many other works studied and followed to make this boat evermore functional.

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