FE Analysis

ISD has an high experience of  FE Analysis and structural verificaction

Through the MSC Software analysis suite tools as Patran, Nastran and Apex, we can make all kinds of analysis:

Linear on metallic and composite materials
Non-linear, large displacement, non linear materials
Analysis with contact
Bulcking Analysis

 Using the OpenFOAM tool we are able to carry out fluid flow analysis and use pressure data as loads in structural analysis

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Arm Chair Design

An extreme innovative project is a table moved by actuators and that descends from the ceiling, ISD has designed and tested the chair’s arm.


Structural Inspection Boiler

Innovative Structural Design has performed a number of structural inspections on boilers generating steam for maximum stress and also for instability.


Composite tank for plumbing

Team has designed the lamination plan, the structural analysis both of the tank in composite material and the glued bottoms. Also, ISD has defined the stress resistance in glue.


Self-propelled Auger

Structural analysis auger’s arm is performed with model made with solid and shell elements.



Bus Structure

Non-linear structural analysis for the bus’ cabin performed with beam elements


Precision Measuring Tool

Innovative Structural Design analyzed the size tollerance of a precision measuring instrument to maintain tiny deformations.


Design and verification of Keels

Each keel we design is verified with FE Analysis. We also performed a modal analysis for this canting keel that it’s designed by others.


Tender lifting crane

Innovative Structural Design has developed a tender lifting crane operated elettrically with three actuators capable to move the arm, to operate the truck and lift the load.  we created the 3D model, finite element analysis and placed it on the technical boards.


FEM model of the entire boat

For each yacht that we design, we provide a structural verification with the finite element model and several loading cases


Canting keel Modal analysis

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