Wallywind 110

The Wallywind 110 is the equivalent of a Gran Turismo in the automotive world, it is a ‘cruising machine’ for long-distance

ISD has created the Wally110’s 3D model developed in the PDM environment with the Performance Boats team and also projected the structural design developed the structural plan and verified it with FE Analysis.

Furthermore, Innovative Structural Design projected the deck plan with the Judel / Vrolijk & co studio and alongside ISD is deciding with Cariboni srl the choice of the sailing equipment, hydraulic components and the retractable propeller movement system.

The construction of the first unit of the Wallywind 110 model has begun and the launch is scheduled for May 2024.

Wallywind 110
wallywind 110 render
Wallywind 110 deck
The wallywind110 unites Wally know-how with naval architecture by Judel/Vrolijk & co resulting in a yacht whose lines display Wally’s characteristic simplicity and elegance, while offering beguiling pace and stability.

Stefano de Vivo, Wally’s Managing Director, said: “The wallywind110 is the equivalent of the Grand Touring car in the automotive world. It is a very powerful yet smooth long-distance cruising machine, but one that could become a serious challenger in a race.

“The boat is ideal for an experienced sailor, maybe someone who has had boats in the 60-80ft range and is now willing to make the jump to the 100ft size range to get the extra comforts.”

dimension wallywind 110

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