ClubSwan 125’s interior design

The interiors of Skorpion, ClubSwan 125, represent a new generation of Nautor interiors, where evolution is the result of research and analysis

“The ClubSwan 125 is the new Juan Kouyoumdijan high performance superyacht commissioned for a passionate team consisting of the Owner, his friends and a professional crew… The complexity of construction of this yacht required Nautor to team up with the best designers, builders and suppliers in the world to supplement the existing team of Juan Kouyoumdjan and Nautor’s in-house experts…

Working together with the interior designer Adriana Monk and the Shipyard Performance Boat, ISD has developed the design and checking of structural damage of the SW125’s interiors which, as the whole yacht, they are highly performing and technologically advanced.

As described by Nautor:

“The interiors will represent a new generation of Swan interiors where evolution is a result of analysis and research, evaluating the existence of each component without compromising the functionality and comfort. This yacht interior will be a masterpiece of composite technology combining traditional Swan materials such as real wood veneers…”

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